Purple Protection

Last Modified: January 1, 2023

What is Purple Protection? 

Purple Protection is the shipping and delivery protection program offered by Shappi Inc. (“Shappi”). When you buy an item to be delivered through Shappi’s platform (the “App”), you will receive Purple Protection, subject to the details of this policy.

What Scenarios Does Purple Protection Cover?

Purple Protection will apply when: 

  1. An item matches with the description, item value, URL, and store tracking ID entered into the App; AND

  2. The item is confirmed as delivered and received by Shappi at the warehouse; AND

  3. The item is lost, damaged, or destroyed once it is in Shappi’s possession and control within the warehouse.

Once items have been bundled and provided to our verified travelers for in-country delivery, Purple Protection will apply differently. In such cases, Purple Protection will apply when:

  1. An item matches with the description, item value, URL, and store tracking ID entered into the App; AND

  2. An item is delivered to a customer in damaged or poor condition and the customer was not notified in advance that the item was received by Shappi in such condition upon store delivery; OR

  3. An item is lost in international transit or otherwise not delivered to the customer. 

In such scenarios, a claim must be submitted within 24 hours of delivery or, in the case of lost items or non-delivery, within 48 hours of the estimated delivery date.

Exclusions to Purple Protection:

Purple Protection will not cover items: 

  1. That were not sent to the Shappi warehouse address; 

  2. That have not been delivered to the Shappi warehouse;

  3. That arrive to the Shappi warehouse in poor condition or that are missing parts; or

  4. That do not match information entered into the App, such as item description, product price, product URL, or store tracking ID.

  5. That the client has not maintained communication with the Verified Traveler via chat in the app.

We encourage customers to provide additional information to stores regarding delivery of packages within our warehouse building (rather than outside at undesignated drop-off stops) to ensure that the items are recorded as delivered and Purple Protection will apply.

Purple Protection only protects items as described for delivery within the App. For example, if a customer describes the item to be delivered by Shappi as a pair of blue shoes and generates a delivery request prior to purchase, but the customer changes their mind after the delivery request has been generated and purchases a red jacket instead, Shappi cannot protect the red jacket through Purple Protection. All items must match the description attached to the delivery request generated through the app. This ensures the integrity of the Purple Protection program. 

Before generating a delivery request, please ensure that all details are correct, including but not limited to size, amount, color, weight, etc. so that your items are not excluded from Purple Protection. 

Further, Purple Protection does not protect items that are delivered to customers and do not match the description of the purchased items due to error on the part of the store/seller that the customer has purchased from. For example, if a customer describes the item to be delivered by Shappi as a pair of blue shoes, but the item shipped to Shappi’s warehouse and delivered to the customer is a red jacket, this is an error on the part of the store/seller. Purple Protection only protects from issues that arise during the delivery process, after the items have arrived at Shappi’s warehouse. In the event of an issue due to error on the part of a store/seller, the customer should contact the store/seller directly. 

How Do I Qualify for Purple Protection?

Customers qualify for Purple Protection if all of the following criteria are true:

  1. If the store invoice details match the item information entered into the App when creating a delivery request; AND

  2. If the Tracking ID provided by the store was entered into the App correctly; AND

  3. If the shipping information inputted when ordering the item matches the Shappi warehouse address correctly; AND

  4. If the tracking ID provided by the store shows the item as “delivered” to the Shappi warehouse address; AND

  5. If communication with the Verified Traveler is maintained only via chat in the app. 

How Much Does Purple Protection Cover?

Purple Protection covers up to $2,000 USD. When Purple Protection applies to an item and a claim is successfully submitted, Shappi will correct the issue whenever possible. If we’re not able to correct the issue (at our sole discretion), we will refund you (1) the item value as entered into the App when creating a delivery request, and (2) the Shappi delivery fee. 

Please note: If the item value entered into the App was the subtotal before tax/delivery fees and is not the total amount a customer paid for the item, we can only refund the amount that was entered into the App as the item value. Please ensure that you are entering the correct item value into the App to ensure maximum Purple Protection.

Does Purple Protection Apply to Used or Refreshed/Refurbished Products?

No. Purple Protection does not apply to used or refreshed/refurbished products at this time.

How to Submit a Claim:

In order to submit a claim, please email the following information soporte@shappi.com using the email address that matches the account holder that placed the delivery request:

  1. Orden ID

  2. Original PDF store receipt of purchase order; AND

  3. Tracking ID given by the store; AND 

  4. Proof of delivery (i.e. pictures of the item’s delivery location, confirmation email that the item has been delivered, etc.)

Once Shappi receives this information, we will investigate and respond within 7 business days. We may request additional information in order to process your claim. Customers must maintain communication wih via email to successfully claim Purple Protection. If Shappi does not receive a response from the account holder within 72 hours of receiving our most recent email requesting additional information, we will close the claim and the item(s) will no longer be eligible for Purple Protection.

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