Trust & Safety

Shappi Inc. is committed to providing and maintaining effective trust and safety standards and practices appropriate to risks associated with all paid use of our web platforms. This policy provides guidance on how Shappi Inc. uses its delivery platform for home delivery or meetups, and the procedures for doing so. Overall, Shappi Inc. seeks to promote a positive online experience to buyers and shippers of goods alike.


  1. Shappi’s Promise to You Against Fraud


Shappi Inc. makes all reasonable efforts to protect its users from any external influence, as well as any type of fraud and/or data breaches or theft of personal information. To protect our users, Shappi Inc. uses the following administrative, technical, and/or physical security precautions to protect user information:


  • Separating development and production environments;

  • Limiting access to data by employees on a need-to-know basis;

  • Encrypting all passwords and using two-factor authentication wherever possible;

  • Using SSL technology to exchange of data between our servers and applications; and 

  • Using session tokens. 


This list is not necessarily exhaustive of all precautions Shappi Inc. may take. Shappi Inc. may also take additional precautions, and this list may not always be up to date. 


In the event of:

  • A data breach or theft of personal information → Shappi Inc. will notify the authorities as required under applicable law and will contact you to notify you of the situation, your possible rights and avenues of action, and any other relevant information. 

  • Fraudulent use activity/use of the web properties → All users should use the complaint mechanisms and reporting procedures in place to ensure that we are able to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. If your purchase qualifies for purchase protection, Shappi Inc. will advise you of any next steps or information that Shappi Inc. requires from you to investigate the issue. Shappi Inc. will ban any user that is found to have engaged in fraudulent activity or use of the web properties from using the web properties or any services they provide in the future. 


All travelers have passed strict security filters and have the requisite training to offer the best services possible. Shappi Inc. ensures that all travelers meet all relevant registration and licensing requirements, including in respect to traveler and courrier safety; however, please be advised that for in person delivery, Shappi Inc. has no control over the vaccination status of or medical safety precautions of each user; if you will be meeting in-person, it is each user’s responsibility to arrange verification of vaccination status or compliance with local face covering requirements with any other user they will be meeting with in-person.


Additionally, for safety purposes, Shappi Inc. does not sell or lease its customer lists to third parties.


  1. Online Platform/Web Properties Rights & Obligations


Shappi Inc.  commits to providing a trustworthy and safe online environment to minimize exposure to harm, fraud, and other behaviors that are outside acceptable guidelines. Shappi Inc. is committed to protecting users while improving user acquisition, engagement, and retention.


The objectives of this policy are to ensure:

  • Content moderation that protects users from potential harmful content;

  • Transparency to all online platform users regarding community guidelines;

  • The prevention of prohibited activities, such as hate speech, cyberbullying, radicalization, illegal solicitation, posting or procuring of violent and/or explicit content; and

  • An effective strategy is in place for resolving non-compliance on community platforms


Content Moderation

Shappi Inc.’s online presence through our web properties will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All social media platforms will be closely monitored by employees; 

  • Any posts of correspondence will be consistent with the aims and objectives of Shappi Inc.;

  • Designated staff will be responsible for removing inappropriate content and respond to flagged;


Community Guidelines


Meeting in Person

Shappi Inc. asks members of its community to make smart decisions about how and where the exchange of goods takes place. As such, meeting in a safe, sensible location is highly recommended; at a baseline, this includes meeting in a well-lit, well-crowded public location that a family or friend of the buyer would know of. If you will be meeting with the other user on your own (alone, without a companion), we always recommend alerting a family member or friend of where you’ll be going and how long you can be expected to stay there. 


Further, inspecting items before the completed exchange occurs is highly recommended. Does the item look like what you purchased? Are there any obvious defects to the item upon inspection? When you leave the exchange location, you will be deemed to have accepted the order, so please make sure everything looks good. 


Exercising caution when giving away personal informationsuch as email or phone numberis extremely important. You should communicate with other users only through the Shappi App to avoid revealing your personal information. You should never provide any sensitive personal information—such as credit card information, social security number, passport information, or your home address—to any other users, under any circumstances. 


If any community member violates our policies or experiences any issues when meeting in person, it is recommended that both users report it through the reporting feature on the Shappi App itself. Then, if further reporting is desired, user should contact us directly at Finally, all members of the community should feel free to rate us using our in-app rating tool to give honest feedback about the delivery experience with Shappi Inc. This will help us improve the Shappi Inc. experience for future purchasers.


Prohibited Activities

Shappi Inc. has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violations of safe community standards. Violations of our safe community standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Discrimination or mistreatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and/or disability;

  • Harassment in any shape or form, including but not limited to vulgar or abusive language or behavior; 

  • Sexual harassment, abuse, or assault; 

  • Any violation of our Terms of Use, which can be found here:


As such, Shappi Inc. reserves the right to remove any users who engage in behaviors listed above. 


Additionally, we may take action if a user does something to diminish trust within the Shappi community, such as canceling multiple orders or deliveries, transacting outside of the Shappi App, or spamming accounts.


Lastly, certain products that may pose health and safety issues, are offensive, and/or are illegal to sell or trade will be prohibited from delivery through the Web Properties. A list of prohibited products and appropriate guidelines are linked here:


Addressing Non-Compliance


Shappi Inc. promises to protect purchasers if they are:

  • Charged for something Not Purchased → Shappi Inc. will protect purchasers if someone used their account or payment method without the user’s knowledge or approval. In this instance, users that have been charged without their knowledge or approval are required to report the incident to Shappi Inc. within 24 days through the Shappi App dispute process and Shappi Inc. will investigate. Users may be asked for additional information to verify the dispute. 


  • Order Never Arrives → Shappi Inc. will protect purchasers if their order does not arrive with the requested traveler. If this occurs, purchasers are required to open a dispute to process a refund through the Shappi App. However, Shappi Inc. reserves the right to investigate the situation at their own discretion to verify the dispute.


  • Order Is Different Than What Was Purchased → Shappi Inc. will protect purchasers if the traveler arrives with a product that was not the product ordered and purchased by the purchaser, or if the product is not as described. This includes but is not limited to: a product arrives that is missing parts and or features; a product arrives in the wrong quantity; a product arrives and is damaged from the travel route; and/or a product arrives and is counterfeit.


  1. Legal Recourse


Shappi Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to purchasers who request services for unsafe products, against our safe community standards corporate policy. Likewise, if employees and users alike use the Shappi Inc. platform to steal and/or smuggle any illegal products within domestic and international borders, Shappi Inc. reserves the right to seek legal action against any and all individuals involved. This includes information that Shappi Inc. uncovers which is initially excluded by its user on the web properties.


In the event that Shappi Inc.’s systems or protocols are manipulated by an unauthorized third party, Shappi Inc. further assures that it will take necessary steps and work with users and employees to fix the issue to build trust and maintain that trust with its users. Shappi Inc. will always comply with applicable law in regard to data breaches and will alert its users of any potential legal recourse they may take in the event of data breach.  


Shappi Inc. is committed to taking steps to aid users in recovering any lost items by cooperating with any legal authorities that may become involved in investigating any such loss. This includes confirming that the proper address addresses have been inputted in the application’s system, that payment has been processed, and/or that proper tracking was provided. 


  1. Further Information Regarding our Web Platforms: 


For more information on Shappi Inc. or its policies, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


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